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Metaverse Ecosystem

Mining Zone

There are Mining Zones in ZELIX. Materials (stone, tree, metal ... etc.) needed for different production can be obtained from Mining. Each material is graded, and rare materials can be acquired by certain probability. Rare materials are also produced by combining lower grade materials. The collected materials also be sold on ZELIX shops so that users can enjoy economic activities. Those collected materials can produce random boxes and upgraded to material of higher grade. Rare materials can be obtained in low probability.
  • Individual users can unearth materials to make NFTs from mining zones, and if in possession of many ZELIX's, they can either buy materials or sell the materials on ZELIX Market place to accumulate ZELIX currencies.


In the economic activity system route ZELIX, ZELIX shops are on each area. Algorithm of supply and demand automatically updates market prices of materials in ZELIX shops. For that, price differences among shops in different areas enable economic activities and influx of population can be ensured through all area.
At ZELIX Shop, different materials are sold and purchased, at that time, ZELIX is going to provide a dashboard which users can check upon Buy/Sell market price for each material in each area. Through the dashboard, users can buy the necessary materials at the reasonable price or move to a shop in the area where the user wants to sell.