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NFT Platform

ZELIX Multi-Metaverse utilizes NFT to grant ownership and autonomy to players . NFT in general is a token to verify the digital ownership of physical assets linked with the token, it enables the creator to release work in digitalized way without exposing it to risk of the forgery. Via this, ownership and copyright are recognized for the ZELIX Metaverse avatar, lands, buildings, and things and led to safe economic activities.
ZELIX can provide not only real sense of item ownership to users but also greater values to NFT. Using the ZELIX NFT Creator Tool can turn even NFT which is no longer valuable or usable in other metaverse into NFT of greater value. Anytime and anywhere, the NFT asset is recognized for its value on ZELIX Metaverse. They are re-interpreted and changed via ZELIX’s unique NFT Creator system. That is, they are created into NFT which can be traded in ZELIX Multi-metaverse so that they are used to flexibly combine items and NFTs in the Multi-metaverse ecosystem. The transformed NFTs are going to be used in ZELIX Metaverse and this tool is going to inspire more creators and developers.
ZELIX would like to be serving as a Station where users from other metaverse platforms can enjoy games, experience various resources as well as trade NFT and virtual assets in possession in ZELIX Metaverse. Via the expandability, compatibility, and flexibility that ZELIX provides, the colorful experience in the virtual world can be more widely enjoyed.