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Metaverse with NFT Objects

Our Mission

Currently many Metaverse Platforms provide very high degree of creative freedom to users through NFT production system with high degree of freedom.
And now Metaverse is set as undeniably global trend and many developers and artists visioning their own Metaverse and NFT are rushing to Metaverse world. It is expected that more and more Metaverse platforms will be created, and developers and artists will come along.
ZELIX Metaverse will invent a way to integrate multitude of users who want to fill own creative desire through various Metaverse and NFT which will come into existence.
For NFTs, values are not exchangeable and contained on the existing, different Metaverses, and the system in ZELIX Metaverse can offset the drawbacks and keep values of NFTs to some extent regardless of Metaverse.
Therefore, ZELIX can serve as a single massive station where NFTs from various Metaverse can be traded.