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XR 3D Avatar / Machine Learning

We need Extended Reality Avatar

ZELIX's metaverse uses realistic textured 3D avatars with vision computing and machine learning based on the user's selfie camera, rather than the current generation's cartoon style and template-based user-selectable virtual avatars. This is because the same character avatar does not coexist in the metaverse, so you can act as your own unique secondary character, and even when you are active in the metaverse space through VR HMD, you can do activities in a virtual world that is very similar to the real world.

3D Material Machine learning

ZELIX 3D avatar's emoji for XR (Extended Reality) based on 3D machine learning accurately reproduces the user's facial movements and appearance, so it can be used seamlessly to convey emotions and body language to others. This further emphasizes the importance of their existence.
Full body realism is still in its infancy, but it offers opportunities as technology advances rapidly. Emotional expression conveyed through body language and facial expressions are actually more important than photorealism in creating fully immersive interactions.
XR (eXtended Reality) is a term that refers to a technology that enables mixed reality or mixed reality, including virtual reality and augmented reality. Interaction and experience in three-dimensional space. It is attracting attention as a technology that can increase realistic immersion in untact services.