What is ZELIX's Land

LAND is own unique space where a wide range of freedom is guaranteed for users. They can make own space within ZELIX Metaverse.

Users can make the granted LAND as an independent space by applying own smart contract with unique rules. They can arrange and decorate own space with buildings and furniture they make, and even invite other users to their LAND and share together. Also, users can make own architects or furniture decorations into NFT.

To create these, users can get materials on quests while they are exploring ZELIX Metaverse or acquire from mining zone. Or they directly purchase in marketplaces.

New Land with Auction

LAND in ZELIX is asset. Users compete each other over popular space, and ZELIX provide users a certain area of LAND regularly via auction. And digital lands acquired via auction are registered in NFT under the owner. These auctions are done in ZELIX currencies and all profits incurred from the auction will be incinerated publicly for sake of the soundness of ZELIX economy.


Guilds can use the given LAND, and LANDs differ in sizes and locations according to contributions by guilds in Metaverse. The provided LANDs can be used for various purposes such as economic activities and Landmark construction.

Profits coming through guild’s economic activities will be distributed to its members according to one’s contribution. Also, extra income can be made from commission fee if there is a user to uses the constructed landmark. Materials required for such landmark construction can be acquired from quests, mining zone or marketplace.

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