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NFT Creator

Goals of NFT AI creation


Have NFT Objectives made by ZELIX rendered through AI process and then store the previous NFT objectives in storage
Randomly combine the AI-rendered images using AI again and input numerical values to create new random NFT objects.

Image recognition engine technology.

An image recognition engine is an engine that recognizes objects contained in an image and classifies what images are based on the recognized results.

Use knowledge graphs to understand more detailed and accurate images.

The image recognition engine utilizes a knowledge graph in the process of understanding the meaning of an image through object recognition in the image. Compared to conventional image recognition products that simply learn images tagged with words or sentences, more detailed and accurate image understanding is possible through linkage with meaning-based knowledge graphs.

Main function

The image recognition engine serves to process incoming images in real time to recognize situations and provide recognized information to applications. To this end, it can consist of a visual analysis module that analyzes various information in an image and a visual understanding module to understand the situation based on the analyzed information.

LEVEL 2 : Final Goal

ZELIX Creator provides a way to create, assemble, and share a new 3D model with an NFT object obtained from ZELIX Marketplace Or make it usable in other supported metaverse.


ZELIX SDK is technology used in ZELIX Creator Tool, and it integrates applicable 3D objects in the ZELIX Metaverse with 2D objects used outside Metaverse by using Layer-2 programming, as well as with 3 D texture-less objects by using deep learning. The technology can re-create into NFT applicable on Metaverse from NFT though not on partnership.
The new NFT allows authors to take true ownership of the various metaverse worlds and conveniently trade their creations on the ZELIX marketplace.